Intoxicating loneliness

Your ways are Mystery and Wonder. I stand as a miracle myself, we are all miracles in this hour- little footprints of You, in a desert of oceans of nothings: here we are…on the threshold of an intoxicating loneliness.

Trees outside one of our windows

Every move of leaf, bird, human voice, a kiss from the heaven we seek.

You are more suddenly more audible, more watchful in Your distance. We are weaning from other mothers, we are closest to the stars.

You are like the silence of the sun, the wind I cannot see, fire I cannot touch. Against my will, I glow in the glow of This.


15 thoughts on “Intoxicating loneliness

      1. We re in Bangalore. Oh Pune… we lived in Mumbai 17 years. Pune’s beautiful. You’re loving this, yes can be a very precious time. (What about it dyou love?) Trusting you all stay safe n happy n well.

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      2. I was in Mumbai from 1996 till 2015; in fact till the 4th of April.
        Am able to meditate more and write more and introspect – am loving the simplicity
        And time with my grand daughter πŸ’•πŸ€—

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      3. Ah yes, I so get you. The air is charged, and quieting. Sparks all kinds of things depending on what one is processing. Grandkids…what a treat that must be. You are blest! Would love to see what you write

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    1. Princess C., that’s brilliant response to any words…honoured. Though these times are like that, they provoke an intensity like we’ve not known. Praying we will all experience the miracle working power of Gods love in our personal lives.🌷

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