Hiding Place

Join me if you will, in a little corner where the heart is. Yes, ….that stair away from the noise,

take a seat, pause please,

Basildon Park, Berkshire, UK.


dearest Lord God, here we, fragile, rest awhile.

Something asks to shushlistenlook to a restless Earth ;

watch Peace like a Sword touch us thru’ mask & glove, slash open our eye to look look close:

at Us …..gone is yesterday’s menu. Here the old is changed to a new me & you

ne’er mind the virus of fear* : brother, sister may it* serve as servant, not master.

In this Place may we see who we are – stripped of all the roles we’ve played,

here in the seeming cruelty of these days, may we be what we’re groomed for ….

in this new Quiet, away from trending news, may I commit to defeat Giants that kill my immortal nature: please help me be the Person I could be- praying for friends, foe, neighbour…

here, look to Him who made us for these days

in this Hiding, I need I need to ask not just for family, but for my 7 billion: not just for health and food, but please, for the Power of Peacenothing missing, nothing broken~

ay, we all die sometime….who knows Cause or Clime. It’s not the biggest scare… to die, but what after?

So, I ask that we receive True Love, yes yea, that you and even I, be persuaded against Blind disbelief, that we are Beloved of the Father.

Here in the Secret place of the Shelter of the most High: may you & I,


like a child….

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24 thoughts on “Hiding Place

    1. …to your morning devotional….
      How precious that is! God is so kind to grant us such gifts of His Love, and also the presence of each other in these days of ‘distance’.
      Touched😀… that’s another new social taboo, but thankfully no virus can dispute blogging😅


  1. Beautiful words. I have thanked God for one or two ‘quiet corners’ in my house and neighbourhood where I can find peace, not from the world but from the turmoil within.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh you are a blessed one to have found such treasured places! Where dyou live? So glad to hear from cheerful people like you, grateful for pieces of heaven here and there…. am sure you bless people you meet


    1. Amelia, honoured that you were here and liked the little pieces of my heart, I try gather thru a busy day. I wonder how your day is, though I know it is blest with appreciation of Gods grace. Stay precious, stay blest.


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