No, not inside!

My daughter took this pic of me the day before her 25th bday Oct2019. Now its all changed so fast. Did you even know we’d miss our little easy trips in a time when there were no ‘untouchable surfaces’?

We grew from ponytails and little shirts to grown up wear & tear. We learned to rise when we stumbled; learned to be patient with new fatigue. We got new ways of doing old things. We matured, we regressed, we sat down and broke a little then mended. Hey. I’m not giving all that away.

God and life taught us how to take pressure, ride it like a bike to the beach somedays! Now I must sanitise my trips every which way one can and cannot imagine, fine. But I’m not adjusting my inner balance, I’m not going to make any ‘Covid’ feel it owns me, in any grip of fear. Not going to let my home believe for one moment we are victims, though we must be careful of a whole new array of things. We will not court dragons and dance with demons, but we will not forget we walk among angels.

I am not about to go from being a child of God into a frightened bear: a sore one with claws that gnaw my insides, hehe no. I will remember the ways in which I’ve grown and outgrown childish thought processes: oh no, there’s no monster under our bed. There may be a physical threat, but not anything that dare touch our spirit.

So we cannot go out as much but we can go in and remember everything else.

Everything else better not be forgotten for the sake of a sick virus. Nope. I like to think of the Human Self as a person totally under the control of One who brought you & me this far. That’s all I’m thinking on. It frees my mind. It reminds me of when I first learnt to bike.

We were in Gujarat, western India. Dad told me he was behind me….. he wasn’t. I was so sure he was there, I went on ahead. Was a few minutes before I realised he wasn’t holding on. He was there a few meters away, but I was on my own. It did not matter though, I still felt he was holding on. There was no new aloneness. He was right there.

I feel that now, the heavenly Father who brought us this far, mayn’t be visible but He is there. The ride ahead may have its bumps, but we got this life, this bike: we got our lessons, we can’t lose it now, we cannot forget….


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13 thoughts on “No, not inside!

  1. Yes, it is very easy to get swept away in all the news stories and advice and lose that inner confidence that we are adopted children of a heavenly father.

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  2. I love the analogy of learning to ride solo with the feeling that we are still being held aloft. That is how I endure all sorts of scary things… I imagine that I am wrapped in the arms of the Holy Spirit as I sit in the dentist’s chair, when hearing bad news from the doctor, when facing illness, injury, losses… I am still safe in God’s embrace no matter what is happening around me!

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  3. In life’s odd chiaroscuro,
    it’s not bad to be afraid,
    for when we find we can endure,
    why, that is how valour’s made!
    Muscles build against resistance,
    balance, in repeated falls;
    breath grows from the running distance,
    stage fright’s sent off by curtain calls.
    So, accept the fear you feel,
    it can be a valued friend
    and can make your courage real;
    you will thank it in the end
    and one day, look back in awe
    how you conquered all the dread you saw.

    In the #1 spot at FMF this week.

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