Family Fellowship for you, wherever you are: this is as simple-y spontaneous as it can get!

What started two years ago with a few young people across Bangalore city, today was just Family, oweing to ‘Janata Curfew’: people’s voluntary curfew where every Indian stays indoors all day till 9pm this evening.

So we got together for today: our daughter Vihan who made our Haven call come true with her heart of steel and love for Jesus & every soul ever; our son Johann (I’ve written about him here, he’s recovering so well. Thankyou all for prayers). There’s the one and only NoelJeff without whom this family would be an awkward lot. Our second daughter KitsyRuth, the Bijli(electricity) of us (and Chef!). Then me: still catching my breath from some weird sort of illness- that’s-not-Covid🥴: glad for the grace of God that’s brought us through a strange 365×2 days, hallel! It was worth it all, to watch Family grow this way. Do join every Sunday, Subscribe for Updates, Share with people who might appreciate company, comment so we know you’re there…

Trusting these Vids are understood for the purpose of Sharing God’s Comfort. None of us are Pros., just extremely ordinary -everyday- veggie- chopping- hassled over nitty gritty- kind of people with an extraordinary Father who loves us all no matter what we think of Him, no matter how dark the road might seem. You are not alone.


16 thoughts on “Family Fellowship for you, wherever you are: this is as simple-y spontaneous as it can get!

    1. Oh you DID? Which one? So delighted to hear that. I shared all your words with fam, they were thrilled to be heard, and how! How small the world grows in the grip of difficulty. And yet in the midst of it all, there is the music of worship. That’s a miracle right there. Love you so much, you and your precious home ❤💞

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      1. “I am who you say I am’ our pastor teaches thousands of pastors I your Country every year. Many traveled long distances and individuals from our church sponsored thousands of woman and men. It was for three days. Love you guys. Your children have such talent and beautiful voices. Love 💕 and blessings Joni

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  1. We have had to watch church as a video today and probably for the near future. Checked WP and your post was there. Just what I needed!! Thanks and God’s blessings on all of you!

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    1. Murisopsis! What a wonderful thing to hear from you, feeling very blest that we can connect this way, ‘strangers’ yet members so close to His heart. Praying things turn around, yet delighted at all the prayers being answered too.


    1. Thankyou, it’s a tough time for us all, yet we’ve been through so much even as a family, and He’s brought us all this far. There can only be words of gratitude. I’m praying that we will all know Him, personally, in a good day or not. For oneday even this earth will pass away. The question is where are we headed after this? It’s a prayer we pray for our kids every night… ‘ To you oh lord we commit our spirit. Should we be here one more day, may it be a day spent in Your Grace and Love…’

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  2. Praise Him in all things is what we are to do. You did great bringing that message. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful family worship in song and word.I was blessed by all of you. Hugs and blessings to all.

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    1. So good to know! Yes in all these things, we’re more ghan conquerors by Him who saved…. greetings to your home and lives. Where are you located? Our love and prayers for a safe precious time. We have a video out every sunday esp., so do subscribe if you wish to be updated. Warm hug. 🌻🌼🌷⚘

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