Walk Tall into Tomorrow

This one is for the loved ones and those who have succumbed, or might, to Covid & other reasons humans and nations do not always thrive,

& too, for those of us who die a thousand deaths in lives that could be be lived out strong,

those for whom Love loses Its Light with eye dulled for fears they needn’t weep: we are freer than we imagine;

for all of us: Tomorrow is that gift we cannot see yet: we do not walk Its fields of harvest, we do not yet inhale Its aroma of rest, we do not hold It in our fingers, but we believe It too will arrive like yesterday,

we know in the hours before dawn that when we peer thru’ grey satin whispers of sunrise, we will walk into Its rays of hope,

Some said it well... ‘weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning‘; so walk, walk on. Brave Heart, walk on, till tomorrow comes…


I simply must add here, my friend Alastair Duncan’s extraordinary Sunrise.


Sunrise in Carmarthenshire, South Wales’s bird & sheep… a horse towards Troserch/ footbridge/ river wild flowers, footsteps; head towards a kissing gate into the open…
Alastair Duncan
Thankyou for this beauty of a share.



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20 thoughts on “Walk Tall into Tomorrow

  1. There are many who don’t think this will affect them. That is until someone they love becomes ill or dies… We must all remember that God love us (this is not God’s vengeance!) and with a little love and kindness we will all get through this…

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  2. Walk tall into the great unknown,
    walk tall into tomorrow;
    walk tall, although your hope has flow
    and you’re weighted down by sorrow.
    Walk tall when others turn their backs,
    walk tall to give them courage;
    walk tall beneath the vile attacks,
    the thorny crown and scouge.
    Walk tall into the end of days,
    walk tall and meet your fate,
    walk tall and never cease your praise
    unto Heaven’s gold-shone gate.
    Walk tall, and let your love shine bold
    to light the world, and banish cold.

    #1 at FMF this week

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