‘What you see outside your window..’

So, no random wheeling around my city. No touching other Humans, Malls, or Theater, stay in!

I’m basically a hermit, but when asked NOT to go out, ah the urge – the urge to watch sunset from anyplace else but here. And where are we these days: an entire globe @home?

FourChairs Drayton, UK.
Pic : The Phoblography thankyou Dave Bignell for your amazing Blog presence.

My own window fills ~ with papers, books, younger elbows, easel, plants;

I wonder what life is like for you. We learn new words like Social Distancing, we stall some die hard 9-5 habits, dawn walk, handshake, warm hug, oh do not even whisper words mask & sanitizer to me🤧😷🤒.

Going through every bit of news I could get on Ugh Covid from here in Peninsula S.India to anyplace in the world that had even one nice thing to say, this fascinating page in the Irish Times yesterday kind of stunned me, though today’s toll at Italy takes Corono- casualties to a new 2500?,

still, let nothing take away from this heart warming Italian event; Article- “Coronavirus: Italy resists disaster with cultural pursuits”. It swaps ‘Distancing‘ for Sonic Flashmob, what’s that?

👇, do follow link for entire read & must – listen – to – Music video.

‘From the point of view of solidarity, beautiful things are happening … The Irish Times

Excerpts from Article Coronavirus: Italy resists disaster with cultural pursuits.

NAOMI O’LEARY Europe Correspondent. Mar 15, 2020.

All across Italy people are turning to music in an effort to beat boredom, socialise and keep their spirits high as the country battles Europe’s worst outbreak of coronavirus. Video: David Dunne.

In the minutes before six o’clock, Jessica Phelan climbed the stairs to the roof of her building to look out over her Rome neighbourhood. All day on social media, a hashtag had been trending: “sonic flashmob”, spreading the word that something would happen when the clock struck six.

Phelan saw neighbours emerge at balconies and windows, from apartments where they have been living in isolation under government orders to curb Europe’s worst outbreak of coronavirus, which has been killing more than 200 citizens a day in Italy’s overwhelmed hospitals.

People started waving to each other, calling ‘ciao, ciao’,” Phelan recalled. “A bunch of people started whacking tamborines, people had maracas. It was just noise at first. But then somebody started singing Bella Ciao.”

The “sonic flashmob” or “flashmob sonoro” began in Rome with the 18-member street music band Fanfaroma …

We were saying on our chat group, what will we do? How can we play?” said the band’s saxophonist Luciano Belvilacqua. “Then someone said, ‘let’s go out and play on our balconies’.”

It was madness, it was like New Year’s Eve,” he said.

Similar initiatives flowered spontaneously in other cities. Clips of apartment buildings producing impromptu choirs lit up social media over the weekend.

Songs of resilience that recall difficult times of the past are finding a special resonance. At noon on Saturday, one Bologna neighbourhood filled the with sound of applause after a resident broadcast from their window the Evening of Miracles, a song that recalls the town squares filling with people again after the second World War.

Comedian and musician Francesco Cicchella changed the lyrics of the traditional Neapolitian song Luna Rossa, or Red Moon, to tell the tale of the masks, disinfectant, and solitude of life under quarantine.

Let’s make this go more viral than the virus!” he wrote on Facebook…

We are trying to make this period of quarantine less sad, a bit more fun,said Cicchella.

Children can call a telephone number to be told a story. Theatres stream drama. Opera house the Teatro Regio di Torino, founded in 1740, began broadcasting performances of Verdi over YouTube. The Museum of Modern Art in Bologna is publishing videos from artists showing their work….botanic gardens launched virtual tours…..

A woman plays music from her balcony in Milan. Photograph: New York Times
A woman plays music from her balcony in Milan. Photograph: New York Times

The theme is ‘what you see from your window’. Perhaps we have more time to take notice of things, now that we are all shut in our homes,” Sanzo said.


You need to respond in some way because otherwise people will feel too alone. Going onto the balcony to sing with other people gives you courage,” Belvilacqua, the saxophonist says.


Another Link just in,

and this one tears me up much more here, ITALY ON LOCKDOWN.


Windows locking in on our lives, and perhaps more than windows..

I’ve read this somewhere: that we each have a Stairwell running from the roots of us to a zone above our present time, our present tense…… routing us to Things we cannot know exist even just moments ahead.

My Ma had a song about that. “There’s a stairway that winds up to heaven, and it takes but a moment to climb. It’s a stairway of prayer and you’ll find it, anywhere you may be, any time. Whenever I pray I climb a Stairway….

Don’t you wonder what the past few weeks may be preparing us for: how a Season like this one could re-route you, me, all of us through to healthier or otherwise, co-existence in our respective communities?

Who knows how this will all pan out, but let’s please not let one Window stay shut, not miss one Step if we can. Tough call, but we are a Tougher Generation than we dare suspect. Did I just say that?

😇Stay inspired. This too, shall surpass!


18 thoughts on “‘What you see outside your window..’

  1. My window shows me a street with bare trees but hopeful robins. The birds are completely “twitterpated” and fighting for the attentions of the lady robins! Their morning song and the sparrow chorus is a delight!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you so much!! I keep considering if my pictures need to reflect the current craziness but at the same time I’m hoping that by not doing that will help keep some sort of normality 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. And you’ve done that brilliantly. Was warmed to see that window pic and stairs. Like theres still the normal we are used to, in a Time spiralling Heaven knows where. I have deep gratitude for lens that captures beauty against all odds. It’s the responsibility of such Captures. I know there are mind stopping photographs of war and other times that have journalled earth journeys. Those are essential for the record. But these warm real ones are true stories of enduring Colours, no matter the decay or dust. Thankyou for your talent; not to be taken for granted. Blesses these days.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I saw the video of the flash mob, it was inspiring. As we are stuck indoors we need to reflect on the beauty we have with the reach of our homes. I think we would all be surprised of what we miss every day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You did? Isn’t it just the best idea, music in their balconies. Distressed with new reports of more outbreak though. Trusting all this quickly burns out. Yes you put that so well..” beauty within ….surprised at what we miss everyday…”
      Thankyou so much for that 🌻

      Liked by 1 person

  3. The final words…the best! Stay inspired…this too shall pass. That was what my dad would say…the this too shall pass comment! My other favorite line like this from my running coach as a teen was “the sun’ll come up in the morning!” Write on friend…write on.

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  4. I like to think that something good will come from all of this. Hopefully, people will have a better appreciation of life, their homes, even their daily routines which have now been disrupted. Maybe people will learn to live more and spend less time on social media.

    Be safe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, dear blog friend! I thought I’d replied here? Apologies. Yes we all sure hope good and MUCH good will come of all this; yea that we will appreciate life more than we ever have.


  5. Content Catnip, love your name ! For sure, theres a much loved Kit around you somewhere?😃. Thankyou so much for being here and for the warmth of your words/ share. Means a lot to me. ‘Warm 3 meter hug’ hey that’s so kind of you❤. Do have an unusually beautiful week ahead.


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