Table for …ten?

For FMF Writers. ‘Table”.

Our table seems to expand with every new person. I don’t know how they did it back then, we now are more conservative a Society. (Conservative as in : conserving on personal space/ sharing). We buffet, we carry bag/ take home. We have little side-table, collapsible ones too, with flaps down sides. Yes, but not my husband.

When we went shopping for the last table we bought and still have- by nothing but the sheer grace of God and all His angels specially trained to take care of homes like ours, … well he wanted a six seater glass table. It has a lower layer, frosted glass- but still glass.

I remember the day we bought it, at Powai, Mumbai; our third child was just in, a tiny gorgeous visually challenged cherub, but he would grow, and he would want to climb this thing. But Jeff wouldn’t listen. They’d learn, he said. Train them well, they’ll learn, learn how to take care of good things. How to be careful, not be rowdy around it.

I turned to the Salesman for mercy, but he was helplessly taken by my truly beloved’s passion for glass. “Ma’am, you can let your children sit on this table, even lie down, this is no mere glass, this is Italian …”

It stood on four seemingly- tender steel legs that looked feather light, I wasn’t convinced. But Jeff has these large brown amber eyes that seem to melt when he wants something badly and he wanted that table. Two years down we had to shift cities/states, my heart sank. India is no small country, our furniture went on Inter State highways and heaven & hell know how many bumps. Shashi our neighbor had wanted that table, Jeff wouldn’t hear of it.

When we unpacked and re-assembled it, it looked as good as new.


The tales this one can tell:

birthday cake cuttings with the kids’ friends falling at it till it swayed 70 degrees one birthday when there was a weak table-leg;

the times we prayed here, chatted, tried a new recipe, made cards, painted nails, made calls, talked into the night, lit candles, salvaged bouquets over a day old, got new lilies, fixed an old vase, lost spoons and found them later elsewhere, made new friends, got new plates and mats, re furnished our white backed chairs (Jeff wanted those white dining chairs too, fabulous as they look ~ fine steel rod backs in red brown wood frame, they are white, and this is not a small family, we love our paints and colors and crayons and tubes of acrylic….

Jeff re-furnished each chair recently, it all looks elegantly loved.

They’ll learn,” he said, also persistently insisting on using our best glassware too. “Why not use it all now, we celebrate every time…”

I’m keeping them for special occasions,” I sulk every Sunday. And every Sunday he takes every plate out, our best ware for the day that’s supposed to be treated sacred.

What if they chip?”

He turns those eyes on me with, “They haven’t yet, if they do…we’ll have to get new ones.”

After all these years, I’m changing. I’m glad for the way this ‘Italian’ glass and white steel thing makes me feel, its glass lower layer with frosted rain drops, and white chairs. From a barely-anointed Clean-Bee, I’m turning into something unspeakable everyday, slowly, inch by inch, am getting addicted to cleaning accessories and mat decor. Nor worrying about it breaking anymore: unsure why.

Oh ok, it’s a She, and She’s still a beauty, a friend,

a family member that reminds us of the fragility of moments, and how quick and sheer life is, transient, yet resilient.

She reminds me to constantly dress up for one another, always treat each day as a cause for celebration. Funny, I never thought of her that way, till writing this. Never gave her a name, but then she’s each of us: breakable, and yet if treated with care, can still stand.


This Post prompted by FMF WRITERS: Word: TABLE.


12 thoughts on “Table for …ten?

  1. Lovely post! Living in a house with three guys, the thought of a glass table would have conjured up emergency room visits. I’m glad she speaks to you, now. It is truly a treasure with tales to tell.
    I must admit as I grow older, I have to side with your husband. Everyday is cause for celebration. I no longer save the “good china” like I once did. It is meant to be used and loved, not lifelessly collecting dust.
    Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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  2. I’m with your husband concerning my pretty knick-knacks. I believed I should set them out and teach my children about how to act around lovey things. I wanted to enjoy my things and not “put them away till the kids are older” Sure a few things got broken along the way but we All enjoyed them and the kids learned how to treated EVERYONE’s nice things.

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  3. Adorn yourself in finer things,
    be pleasing to the eye,
    for you know not what tomorrow brings,
    nor the day that you will die.
    Adorn your face with a smile,
    and share it all around,
    for you won’t know, all the while,
    when you’re destined for the ground.
    Adorn your soul with cheerful grace,
    and never dim the light,
    for you can’t know time and place
    of the fall of night.
    Let others see you at your finest
    for that is God’s great holy kindness.

    #1 at Five Minute Friday this week.

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    1. Ohhh this is so beautifully expressed. ..” let others see you at your finest, for that is God’s great holy kindness.” I will remember these lines. How blest you are.


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