Day: Feb 29, 2020

Polished Arrow

You been saying –

“Why d’you turn away from me, d’you even know I’m here? Not a whisper in my direction. Our intense relationship seems to be one way God- I can even hear You breathe as if I were being carried in Your shoulder, but d’You even look at me ?”

“…in the shadow of His Hand 
has He hid me 
and made me a polished arrow; 
in His quiver has He kept me close 
and concealed me.” 
Is 49:2. REALLY?


Our human structures are visual/calculated. We are Time-zoned, we make reports on productivity, we are skewed by flow charts and input/output ratios. Try telling someone you’re a Polished Arrow in Divine Quiver, waiting your moment. Actually, don’t. Don’t talk about it, but set aside 5 minutes to chew on it real slow.

Each of us  has that one thing we will do, or not do before we quit this planet. Yep, we are that one hidden arrow for us, that is no one else. Whether we believe that or not, we were born for specificity.

What secrets are stashed in the arms of those, who in perfect alignment with the process, can arrest his/her own desires, in the challenge of visibility compromised, in the loneliness of an extreme polishing?

What happens in the secret of such a place can sear logical absolutes;places where we trust, be still, go alone- hold our tongue, be tempered steel, be Gold- refined, enduring Fire while greater purpose is being taken a fine shot at. Killing.  Ach. Non comprehendi. God, what’s going on? Chances are, we’ll know soon enough.

… with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it. Steve Jobs.

Easy said, right.

While you wait Polished Arrow, rest in the knowledge that you and I are pieces of a Whole; these moments of our Lives, however complex, are terrifically significant in ways that are perhaps beyond visual understanding,

stay blest,


My repost from published material last year