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This photographHomeless woman‘, from Helen Cherry’s stunning Blog gazed at me all yesterday through Sunday dinner and warm sheets and bed; through our roof in pre-dawn mist and warm breakfast this morning. I can’t get her out of my hair. Her and the billions of Us, asking, asking, asking Questions in a Silence that’s growing. Growing in isolation.

Pic Courtesy Helen’s Photomania Blog Photos and Poetry 24 – That Homeless Woman

In a country like mine, India, where 46 million people live under poverty line (2019, correct me if I’m wrong), begging is no unusual event but this Photograph from a London Street (thankyou Helen for your heart stilling Capture) stokes some more soul searching questions:

Global Questions steadily turning us to begging bowls, they’re steeping deeper with Time and lack of Space. Our questions morph into statements:

will there be rice enough for our farmers. Will there be rain. Will there be water. Will there be war, peace. Is there house enough for all. What makes poverty. Who can help the ‘poverty line’. Where does tax money go. Who is that person sitting on cardboard in the street. Is he/ she really a beggar. Why am I suspicious of everyone I don’t fully understand. Do I have a spare wardrobe I can share, a spare coin, a blanket, a meal. Can I be a friend to someone who’s homesick, needs a friend..

seriously, if one of us took note of one other person in genuine need, that’s half of 7 billion looking out for the other half.

How do we figure out genuine need: I’m pretty sure we are smart enough to decipher things like that.

In my corner of the earth, these things are highly shareable :

last year’s text books, story books, clothes/bags/shoes/a little pocket money, yes tricky/ a smile, trickier/ a phone call….😏 a prayer/ …. a shared meal, sheets I can part with, a blanket I don’t need...there’s a person that collects our newspapers and sells it, old books… how many rupees does he get from that? Oh so little, but it makes him happy. Last year this time, the good Lord (only He would/ could), put it on our hearts to cook Sunday lunch for anyone who’d fellowship with us…. I’m not a great cook and we don’t serve a lavish table, but we’ve watched a certain joy tiptoe in at our home. And it’s never left. We’ve received some great new friends, and its turning me into a whole strangely different person. I’ve received hugs and heart; received smiles like we didn’t know were there anymore; received healing and laughter. Received the courage to believe in humanity again. Watched some young lives stand tall, unbreak. Watched myself go from a recluse into a person who looked forward to meeting new faces. Watched new people pray for our sick son. Watched, heard, experienced the love of strangers turn my cold insides into a warmth I have no proper words for.

We live in an Age of Suspicion. It’s gotten so awry it’s real. A certain amount of suspicion is even good, but peer below the layer of fake and Con, and we may find some genuine people whom we can not only bless, but be blessed back by.

We were meant to live in these, these tough insane wildly hurtful times. We have this growing awareness in us, that probably our forefathers could not have had: an awareness of depleting resources and human understanding. We balk at politicians and global warming. We are well-read and clever. We know Theories and Consequences of War. We are efficient, highly informed and intelligent. We are frightened easily, hence careful, paranoid, terse, polite, warned. We feel deeply, so we write and poetise, paint, read, gripe. We who are so well endowed, are the cream of a global society that’s screaming for basics of heart soul, body mind. Not all of this is something Governments can easily provide. We are Social watchmen. We are our own DoorKeepers, and Guide. Who are we, we are Humans like never before. We are Teachers and Givers, Recipients…

but this :

we do not know how to Receive. Go to an Orphanage and receive a child’s hug. An old person’s smile. A Druggie’s tears. Spend 5 minutes / day just watching the street you pass everyday. Be an anonymous Burger donor. Anything. Just do it, Angel. Yes, you. Me. Tough, ofcourse. Aren’t you and I bone tired of being boring people, noses burrowed in our news: prophets of gloom. Watch a new smile spread in a brand new face all because of you. What a kick that is. Receive what you get when you bless another’s need.

This is yet another Post I can’t think how to wrap, so will close with Neil Siskind’s poem in Helen’s Post: That Homeless Woman

A peasant, she who shares the street
with rats and pillows of concrete?
The feral cats from alley beats
lick the food stuck
to her feet.
Day and night she hunts for eats,
old clothes disposed become her sheets…..

….stop to greet
a human drenched from summer’s heat
and frozen by the winter’s sleet-
a fate no woman dreamed she’d meet.


Have a great week 🌻


Go Dog go Cafe

“The only way we can be of use to God is to let Him take us through the crooks and crannies of our own characters.” OSWALD CHAMBERS.

17 thoughts on “Global Bowl

  1. I love this. As I emerge from a tough spell in my life, I wear on my wrist a band for Rise Up Against Hunger… it was the moment I realized my path to wellness was through doing good work for others… thank you for this today.

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    1. ‘Rise Up Against Hunger..’ how good that reads. Jealous about that band, where do other humans like me find one? Must make one then🙂 What a wonderful way to recover;
      thankyou for your time and these words here. I feel so strongly about these things, and spill. After I post, there’s qualms whether I rattled on too much. Its from a real place, and one feels superficial doing words that may not amount to much. Sister hug for the appreciation. And must commend you on the great Site you have- all that interaction & creative exchange. 🌻

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  2. I confess that all too often when I see someone in need, I just walk on by. We are constantly warned to be on guard against those whose intent is to draw us into some scam. I can be skeptical of those who stand on street corners with hand-lettered cardboard signs that describe their ailment or why they are homeless. I must get better about leaning on God for discernment in these situations instead of dismissing all of them as undeserving crackpots.

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  3. A person can feel overwhelmed when looking at the huge number of people in need, but if we focus on what God has called us to do, and reach who we can, that is how we can help.

    Also praying for the Lord to raise up more laborers

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  4. I’ve performed random acts of kindness and been thanked and also rebuffed. It is difficult to predict the outcome when so many are as you pointed out, suspicious and wary of help and helping. There are too many with hidden motives that offer help but with strings attached…

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    1. True. It is a two edged sword= Peace. I’ve stayed away, got back in, faced flak. Now I dont care. You connect with the Core(the goodness of God), His wisdom turns all my bad into something even a little like His Grace


    1. You’re so very right. Jaded. That’s how it feels, an Herculean, phew yes! And yet one feels a certain angst. What do. Feels good to write. Better still, to be understood, by like minded people . It restores our faith in humanity, for sure. Stay blest.🥰

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