The Dangerous Love of God

His embrace will not just hold you, It holds all men and friend and foe, whoa,

PiCourtesy Samuels, weekend getaway.

what’d I think His Comfort was… sweet cuddly Bear arm, warm with Paternity? His Comfort Zone is more than I dare dream… ach!

It’s in the Slap of the storm, in the Sap of the thorn,

Haha, I wasn’t chatting with God then, cuz He is in the crooky path of stray mountain goat; and I thought Love meant Light, but He takes the Night, longing like Darkness does for Dawn, for those that are unloved, forgotten…

…. all are clung together here: the healed, dead, dying, worthy, worthless, wasted idiot, reckless loser, offender, disbeliever, saint, deathless sinner : in that embrace that defies human limitations to Love like that.

Like that.


17 thoughts on “The Dangerous Love of God

  1. Too often we forget that God is love. We want to think that it is an exclusive club “God’s love” but the reality is that we are all eligible and we all have passes to enter in. Knock and the door is opened…

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    1. “…an exclusive club ..Gods love…” sigh yes, the most beautiful things in life are free but we have become suspicious and wary of such. Thankyou for that. Lifts my heart everytime someone like you is here and qualifies a post that might or might not come across the way I’m seeing it beyond mere words. God hold you close🌻


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