No Redemption

As I post this, there’s just 2 more days for four of India’s most brutal rapists to meet their gallows. They apparently are saying they don’t want to die; it’s been harsh years for them in prison, but after a long drawn out judicial process, the hammer finally fell. Feb 1, these 4 will take a final walk.

There hasn’t been toooooo much national debate on the matter, if you were in India you’d have read up on this ghastly deliberate assault on a 23 year old physiotherapist by 5 (no, 6) ‘men’ on a moving empty bus. What was left of the girl was the shreds of a human being who barely survived to recount the horror; she died, but lives on as ‘The fearless one.” Nirbhaya.

This whole thing is a horror story, both the crime and the result of it. Nothing here is human, but stepping away from this story, am wondering what it feels like to face a sentence and for a crime like that? What are the convicts’ thoughts, what do they ask for in the last hours? Is there repentance, will these four men have soul redemption, do they care? From reports we’ve been reading, interviews…. their remorse has been zero. It is like something in there isn’t working. They’ve no clue what they did was cold blooded murder, I don’t get it. Justice seems cold, too: how else does society get the message, it’s an example to the rest, yes we know that.

I couldn’t sleep last night thinking how it must feel to know you have 2 sunrises left. 2 dusks….

what does it feel like to die… when the human spirit transpires… is that the word… expires… and goes from here to there… that ‘Land‘ so much talked about, dissected, analysed, forbidden to analyze by some who disbelieve such possibilities….

gallows or no, it’s there for every single one of us, and I’m thinking of my great grandma who knew she was dying and when. She ordered her coffin, she bathed, wore a white sari and gave her last words. When she breathed her last, she was smiling with the word, “Jesus” on her lips.

Try and beat that one!

I’ve no clue how to end this post. It’s not a “to hang, or not to” post;

we are all inches away from some kind of wrong or the other. I’ve received forgiveness more than once, for which I’m so grateful. Oh it’s nice to rave about blessings when it is Death row for some. There are no solutions to that one. Have you looked in the eye of a murderer who did what he did and grinned about it later? Shudder, no comment. I believe even death is an easy way out, but it can put at least some amount of fear in a few, anyone trying to play repeats of crime story. Ofcourse there are doubts whether there will be further stay on this order, since one of them has appealed and will be listened to, tomorrow …!

That said, I still wonder about that Death Row, and the act of dying without knowing you’ve received eternal pardon, and that then there is so much more to look forward to than the temporal.

I’m super righteous glad I’m not Supreme court justice, nor a lawyer, nor the cell cleaner, or warden or cook, or doc, or worse still the hangman. Glad I’m not the gatekeeper anywhere near there or the driver of any particular necessary van, or the ropemaker. But we’re here and we share an earth, and I think it’s a good thing to try and look out for each other in buses and dark lanes and places I don’t know to say.

And I think it’s a good thing to think about After Life: it doesn’t just arrive in Death row prison cells…

what a dark post this is!

My blind son learns to write like ‘sighted humans’

25 thoughts on “No Redemption

  1. This is a lot to think about. I had not heard about this. Sounds horrible. I woke up and have the Pandemic in China on my mind along with what is happening in Jamaica and the fires still burning in Australia. Everyone can be forgiven I believe if they seek redemption. I think of Paul who killed so many Christians in such horrible ways yet God called him to spread his word around the world. Great post it certainly makes one think of many important issues. Your son writes very well. I hope the two of you have a blessed day. Love 💕 Joni

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  2. Very dark post. I don’t know what to say about the rapists .I am just imagining 6 men on me, on a moving bus hell.No!may the soul of the girl RIP and for your grandma’s death that was goals I want to die like that too.

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  3. It seems odd to ‘like’ a post as dark as this, but it’s well written and thoughtful and deserves the ‘like’. I remember reading about this case – it was a quite appalling crime. If society is ever justified in using the death penalty this type of crime deserves it, because of the deliberate cruelty. I guess all we can do is pray for all those involved.

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    1. In my work as Jail & prison chaplain. I have looked into the eyes a mom whose only crime is being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I have also talked with those facing hard time for a class – x felony. There is much thar outsiders do not understand about prisin culture, but remember this, you have never looked into the eyes of someone who is not loved be God. It is not for us to judge others, only to love them as Jesus does. Leave the rest to The Father.

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      1. Your profession….. is wowww! You have my respect and admiration Barb Hegreberg. I can’t imagine what moments you must gave right there,and yes, theres so little know/ understand. Thankyou so much for your words of deeper wealth, and for Kingdom words that lift humanity from its blindside. Also apologies for this hate reply, God bless the work of your hands.🌻


    2. Pennygadd51, apologies for my late reply, yes appalling news this, but thankyou for your warm presence and kind words. Sigh, abt ‘deliberate cruelty’ what can one do except voice out something now and again in an age of rude like never before? Prayer sure helps, its the only thing I know that makes sense in the dark. Wishing you all the Light you dsserve🌻


    1. Thankyou Derrickjknight, that story repeats itself in so many murky ways here and elsewhere in a time of insanity like never before. I feel there is more social illness in than we realise. My post…. well, it was dark in its detail, like walking in a forgotten garden, or one filling with thorn where there should ve been more blossom. The greatest tragedy is that more lawyers and social voices support offense, in that ‘women should not do this/that….’ an endless shout-alogue. ‘Humane reflection…. ‘ bless you for kind words there

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  4. I remember that case well and it goes beyond comprehension. Even in countries where we don’t have the death penalty our gut instinct is to wish the most dreadful murderers dead.
    As for their eternal judgement – – not like those mediaeval paintings surely. I have wondered what it is like to face the death sentence. In a dark post at least you left us with the lovely death of your grandmother.

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    1. So glad you got the nice bit of that Darkie there; sigh yes that was a dreadful incident here and it has left a national scar. Death sentences are … well, they are what they are, what can one say? Thankyou for being here and for warm appreciation in a time of some ugh events! Also, apologies for my late reply. It makes my day to see a comment that do got what was being posted. Stay safe & blest🌻

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    1. No remorse at all from them, is what we hear/ see in print and telecast. Saw this in the NewZealand killings too, the gunner. Wonder how that happens, or is that the way Counsel works up to a ‘Not guilty’ claim? I dont know much here. This case, has a lawyer who believes the girl deserved what she got, and that’s the worst of it all


  5. I am not a fan of the death penalty because there is the possibility of a mistake – one that can’t be “undone”. In the same breath I don’t know of an alternative that addresses the consequence of such a horrific crime. Like you I can only pray for their souls knowing God is just and righteous. Being unrepentant is very troubling and the lawyer blaming the victim seems so archaic. We live in a broken world…

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  6. While one always mourns the loss of life, India, and the world, must step up to both protect victims of sexual assault and to hold perpetrators accountable. I hope this is a sign of greater governmental and cultural respect for Indian women.

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