Have you had a Faith Moment when you believed in your core something beautiful was coming your way, never mind what else you felt? And you believed it would rain down, no matter the desert you were in… so you built trenches. You felt like an idiot, there were no rain clouds, there was nothing except the silence. But in the silence there was a Song, with your name in it. A Still whisper only you could hear. A Miracle waiting for you. You. I wish you that as you listen to this song. I believe these things aren’t just about blogs and likes, comments and subscriptions. We are human beings with questions and prayers. We have needs that none else may even want to know about.

The next few moments, may you dig deep, build trenches by Faith that God hears, He answers, He knows you by name. This one’s by my daughter Vihan. Recorded on a day that was hard for all of us at home.

Why do I believe in a God who cares? Because of a day like this one, when a new song was born, for you, for me. Hey, stay blest. That River of blessing flows for you.

Vihan Damaris

24 thoughts on “Trenches

  1. Oh my what a blessing listening to your daughter – what a rare beauty and a voice that could tame the wind. Seriously, she should be making albums and entertaining large crowds of believers. You have obviously blessed her with strong faith growing up. Look what that beautiful seed has done. Praise God! I do agree with what you are saying here and God blessed me with so many miracles as a child saving me literally from death. He continues and some times I can feel a blessing coming. Love you my friend and please tell your daughter for me that I was so blessed this morning to share this video and beautiful song with my husband this morning.

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  2. What an encouragement to go and dig my trenches in faith. I needed this… a blessing indeed. Thanks for stopping by my blog and so allowed me to cross (cyber) paths with you and your oh-so-talented daughter!!!!! ❤️

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    1. Ohhhhhh yes, what a joy when this happens! I needed that reminder myself, and am so glad you were here. Am sorry for replying late, life gets busy. And yes I hope ‘ talented daughter’ sees this. Yes, she is, and also is one dedicated person. Runs her own little fellowship too, called ‘Haven’. These aren’t easy days(india).
      And oh… what a lovely blog you have!


  3. Vihan has a rare talent. She sings like an angel! What you’ve written is very true in that there are blessings just poised ready to shower us, all we have to do is be open to them.

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    1. Yes she is, 24×7. That kid is hard to believe. Had her call to serve God exclusively at a very young age. You can imagine how hard that is to explain. Sigh, but happy one. And often we misunderstand blessings: i look back and realise that the best moments in my life are those where God had a particular demand on my time.


    1. Thankyou for you kind words and your presence🌻. It always warms my heart to read such beautiful words of encouragement. I hope Vihan sees this, ah yes I believe in Gods arm in every situation we’ve entrusted to Him, challenging though it may seem at the time. God hold you close🌻


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