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Uncanny: last year we were at this πŸ‘† place like at thisπŸ‘‡ photograph, courtesy Rochelle Wisoff- Fields, Friday Fictioneers. Thankyou! I needed a Reminder…

PHOTO PROMPT Β© J Hardy Carroll


2019, early summer.

The bio-dome hosted hundreds of butterfly …our 18 year old blind Joh was at peace, no aggression. We weren’t worrying about the things he couldn’t see, just grateful that his beautiful smile was back in this quiet place lush with flora. Post seizure meds’ aggression had reared its ugly head the past months, holding our gentle perfect son hostage.

Today life is getting better: piecing back together under a Force that held us. Negativity fades like long shadows of dusk as I look at Rochelle’s Prompt and the gentle Reminder that we are all still being held together …



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26 thoughts on “Co-incidence?

  1. A wonderful story. And, as being one who lives with an epileptic, I totally understand. Love this moment of peace in the midst of a hectic week.

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      1. Thanks, I’m a wife who sometimes must be the mom. My Hubby works full time to support us, but things like paying bills, banking, driving are just out of his realm. 24 yrs ago they took his driving license and shortly thereafter I became the primary driver and general wife-mom.

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        1. Bearmkwa, my apologies for delayed response… thankyou for your comment, and presence. Not just here but in this world. And what a lovely person you must be, and multi talented. In sure he knows that too. Stay blest, and I wish you all the breaks you richly deserve.🌻🌼🌷⚘🌹πŸ₯€πŸŒΊ

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  2. I have a gentle son too. He is the epitome of this. He prefers me not to write about him. Why would I? He defines himself in his own kind way. He has schizophrenia. He is wonderful.

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    1. And he’s blessed to have you Cindy Knoke, as I am, to hear from you. Thankyou 🌷. How old is your gentle one? Love the way you wrote that. In the process of This, even Joh has made some unusual friends. He’s on the mend now, which is why I’m opening up:). There will be newer challenges as we all grow, for sure. It took years to even say the word ‘Blindness’, then it became a gateway to a certain confidence for Joh, because he’s a very social person πŸ™„! Now with more challenges, he loves the doc, the lab, …. Used to call his seizures, “Tizzies.” Been almost a year since he had those. The meds are still trial and error. (There were 4 needless drugs he took). Now it’s withdrawal havoc.


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