Saturday’s child.

With blind school kids, and a musical I worked with them

His name was Dhru*; he loved the ‘roaring’ bit. Dhru must be at least ten years old today, when we did “Everybody is differently beautiful”, he must’ve been 7? To think he couldn’t see his costume, had no clue what a lion’s mane was like, or even heard it roar, what a sport Dhru was. All these unknown things and he had to act as well as mime singing! But they were all game, as game can get.

I learned how to appreciate life, how to dance even if we missed a step, how to laugh out loud against all odds- from these kids who were my son’s schoolmates. The School asked if I could help out with Spoken English: oh I hinted broadly at Drama and Poetry. They didn’t get the Poetry bit, but one little girl did. She loved every poem in her braille typed book, especially the one that went, “…and Saturday’s child has to work hard for her living…”

It still breaks my heart to recall how they were taught to cross the street by themselves. Some of the older ones were actually going on crowded buses and getting off alone, cheerfully unafraid.

They must learn….how else will they face life?” Their Daily Living Skills teacher asked me.

Sometimes I wish our own Joh weren’t as independent as he is. I wish he were less self reliant, I wish our kids didn’t need to grow up in a world that knows how to take advantage of the ‘disadvantaged’. I wish our roads were safer. But then am proud of every young /older challenged person or otherwise who can “work hard” at whatever Life gives them.

Thankyou young Dhru for reminding me today of people like you who still teach me to be brave and beautiful, no matter what.


*name changed


16 thoughts on “Saturday’s child.

    1. Tough one, but yes. They should teach R in all kinds of schools😇; challenged ones have it in oodles. I so admire them. Johann has since left this school and is homeschooled now. Though the past year everything went berserk with his post seizures meds sideeffects. We’re all getting there.

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  1. Such an uplifting a wonderfully positive post about the resilience that children actually have. It sounds like you are an amazing mom and that your child has done very well because of that. Kids are so amazing. What a wonderful story it made my morning. We have so much to be grateful for this Sabbath. Love you. Joni

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    1. Love you too Joni, thankyou for such warm words. I love my kids and people… but oh if you knew how little I know about coping with challenges. My husband’s like that..resilient, amazing. I am grateful for him, for encouraging words here, and for God who never gives up on any of us💝💖💕💞

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      1. Amen. I am sure you are an amazing an loving mother. My guess is your hard on yourself. My daughter is grown living in Seattle and yet I worry and pray for her all the time. I think that mother child connections is unbelievably strong. You have a blessed day. Love 💕 you. You should celebrate your strength today. Joni

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        1. Hugs Joni. I’m actually a toughie, but the past year kindv challenged our family in ways we never expected. Was floored. Its here in one of my posts I cant recall which. Oh but love you for saying. Could do with all the encouragement ❤

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          1. I wish I had all day to read posts of all those I follow. I will eventually catch up. At least now I will be notified every time you do. You are a warrior who just doesn’t realize it. Love 💕 you. We are so blessed to have God in our lives. Have an amazing Sabbath. 🤗 hugs my friend.

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