I said a prayer for you today

I prayed that you would be given the gift of sight,

but God in His mercy allowed me to see His Light all around you.


Now I ask that you my child will pray too, this prayer for others: that thru’ your journey via the valley of shadows, you will leave footprints that lead another out of darkness.

Each day this prayer grows, and as it does, my eyes open to things I’ve been blind to. How we misunderstand the gifts we are given: they arrive in unusual wrap and bows, sparkling with the tears of heaven.

“For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but He has given us a spirit of power, love and discipline…” quote from The Bible.



47 thoughts on “I said a prayer for you today

            1. Hey I’m sorry if that sounded weird but I mean it. Am this old fashioned mama, k? Sitting in corners, sending heart shaped requests for her dear ones and kids and ppl that come her way. Dont mind me. I’m obsolete I guess. I’m praying you find great peace and joy etc. Things im asking for my fam. That’s how it works. Someone prayed for me, I know.


              1. I’m sorry if it sounded like mockery but I didn’t mean it. It’s just that I don’t believe in god and prayers anymore. Too many years of belief led me into disbelief. I respect you and your convictions and I’m delighted to see you’re praying for people, something very few would do. You wouldn’t be here if you were obsolete, ma’am. 🙂

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                1. I so get you Bharat. I may come across like some big Faith warrior, nothing! We live in a visual world: our 5 senses must be satiated. I get every word you’re saying, you’re real and true. God. Ah that topic.

                  With Time I’ve understood only one or two things.
                  My toughest ‘asking’, was for strength/gratitude to use well, what was given to me. I was a very sickly child. Then a spinal defect surfaced post marriage. I gave up praying, got sick of it. Year later a stranger came prayed for me, told me what he couldn’t know. In a day I was totally well. But the greatest answer was freedom from kneejerk response to ‘failure’. I was a slave to that.

                  Is my blind son healed? No.

                  I cannot understand the ways of God, and some well meaning ppl try explain but sound so confusing. I dont understand gravity and how the sun works. I dont understand even the power of the human brain….its all too much! All I know is I didnt want to understand the divine, the supernatural, but He in love pursues. It’s a rosy path with thorns. It’s a trapeze swing in a rollercoaster in the sea!

                  I get a tiny glimpse of you. But with your brilliance + step out of conditional thinking = you will understand human blindside.

                  Blindspot. I have it. Everyday the conflict is Me > Circumstance. The days I step off that boat (circumstance) it is walking on water. Walking on non – substantial evidence, where Self is not sole subject. We are each other’s Weave.

                  This next sentence is the truth. I have it on my heart to remember your name first thing every morning, before my 3 kids.
                  Ok. I like you! But theres 2 relatives I dont really like. Now their names too are priority b4 my kids’. That’s why I believe there’s God. He loves everyone. Tuff.
                  I asked for an outdoor job so I can run from too many ppl. What am I answered with? A heart to be hospitable. I’ll never be able to believe enough….
                  have you considered the terrible power of disbelief…?🤗

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                  1. Hahaha! I’m really flattered that you took so much time out of your routine to tell me this. I am nobody to talk about people’s beliefs and judge their god but I have the right to have my own convictions, right? There was a time I frequented temples, even today, I visit mosques with my friends. I just don’t believe in them. Something that does nothing when there are kids paying for things some people they don’t know have done for their own selfish reason is non existent to me.
                    I didn’t even ask for strength, Y’know. You were a sickly kid who fought on your own terms and won. Bravo!
                    I was manhandled too many times and bullied in streets, I’ve had my share of bad experiences, ma’am. My disbelief isn’t unwarranted either.
                    May all your prayers be answered. 🙂
                    Sometimes religion is the worst thing we can have an argument on, hahaha!
                    Have you considered the power of disbelief?

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                    1. That word Religion, ergh.
                      No arguments, its ‘banter,’ right?🙂 I abs respect your opinion, and too, respect every experience. You think i fought on my own, nice try.
                      It isn’t sweet goodwill that’s brought me here but a toughening. Aye I have considered the power of disbelief: if I disbelieved your hurt, and you disbelieved my words… where’d we go with it. I stopped going to any ‘church’ for a while… no answers in a brick bldg. We are all human and we can be lethal. We betray, curse, kill, wound with no feeling whatsoever. I was slowly turning into one of them, but Grace began to stop me. I received it, but takes a while to digest something we have no spec reference to. We equate God with human behaviour.

                      Hey forgive me going on as if I must.
                      You have much in stock: oneday you’ll see, maybe sooner than you think. Wise ole owl on wise tree has spoken 🤣. And thank YOU for your time. It’s my free morning here, fam’s out visiting. I thought to paint, (but you went on about God 😃kidding).

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                    2. Hahaha! We can equate human behaviour with god, yes. That’s what I do but I don’t believe in a supernatural being. Witty banter is always welcome.
                      And why do you talk like you’re 60??😂😂
                      You can go on and on.
                      My brain is empty, feel free to fill it up.

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                    3. Your brain’s far from empty….
                      but then you don’t believe in the super stuff see? 😇
                      No I’m wrong> you equate God with human behaviour= you thinking on Him🤗.


                    4. Ah’m. It’s a mis – represented word maybe. Old like the 24th hour of the day, when you’ve seen 24 hours. But ‘worn out’ is human spirit tired, if not physically. When we are battered and dont care anymore. When we feel abused and zero value. I’ve seen old eyes in young faces, breaks my trust in humanity.


                    5. What you talk about is trauma.
                      I’m being light hearted here. I don’t like taking myself and anything else too seriously.
                      We go through so much everyday, why not sit back and close our eyes for some time?

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                    6. You’re a brave one B! THE stuff leaders are made of. But no war here. You’re a few odd yrs older than our eldest daughter. Younger 2 in teens, phew! Your language is SO familiar. It’s the zone of self discovery, you’re not alone.

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                    7. Haha! I’m not brave, ma’am. I’m scared all the time. Like shaking in my boots. I just don’t like showing it to everyone.
                      Your older than my dad. 😉
                      I am far from discovering anything. 😂

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                    8. Oohhhh yes I understand that. Took me timmmme to get prediction, besides finger dexterity and some! But then I’ve been a blogger, writ some, and inter- art connects. Hated someone even calling up. But, it’s a functional necessary disorder 🤯

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  1. How we can not understand and yet understand at the same time Rayla. It is extremely difficult to put something like that into words but if I was to summarize in one word, that word would be Jesus and the vehicle to that word is trust and faith. Blessings to you and yours.

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  2. Thankyou Bro Bruce! I love that ‘Vehicle’ and destination of yours; it’s the journey that can be daunting.

    My dad said it takes a lifetime to figure somethings out. I thought he was joking. He wasn’t a religious man, so when he spoke I believed every word. He was in pain, and in so much peace, knew when his time was up. He asked God for a few more days, and God said,”Alright.” Was almost too much to believe, but that next three days he/we all ate out, swelling and pain vanished, went for long drives, slept late, woke up chatty. When the three days was up, he began to sink. He knew. And he had talked to God in a dream he said. It happened exactly like he said.


    1. Thank you for saying Derrickjknight and how must I thank you for saving my other post from not ever being seen?
      And yes, inspiring, for me too. Glad you were here. Loved the pics on your site!

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