I collected Gifts for us

From gardens across the earth I got us some yellow berry holly I’ve not personally seen but it’s as real as the one that grew these :

I believe every leaf is a prayer for peace, she gives off fragrance you know in the belly of your bones, aye

a light in the core of your soul these are the original Gifts of christmas, Heartprints from a Place we’ve yet to be.

From Yomargey’s garden, Herefordshire



3 thoughts on “I collected Gifts for us

  1. I wanted to get a Holly to replace a shrub that died but Sparky is not fond of any plant that hurts you when you touch it! I ended up with a Rosemary bush that I hope will thrive. Love the arrangement and the words.

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  2. Oh, this is so beautiful. Your words touch my heart and I feel the love coming through. I have a special place in my heart for leaves. Most people think it sounds crazy but I see that you feel the same way.


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