Day: Nov 9, 2019

My First Blog Post

It’s been a darkish week, but

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.
Ah Wilde.
He’d say something like that.

What can I say.

I’m taken too, see.

Taken by the Light though I didnt want to wake this morning.

Wished we could just sleep in and the good Lord feed us on the inside(He does?) and then say it’s time to do nothing today. I want to not get out of pajamas, not address earth issues with milk trader and garbage collection, erg. Wish we didn’t have to comb hair, look proper, or be hurt.

Stalked by the Light


Was supposed to say ‘trial post’ though this sounds new and strange. Which is what I want maybe… strange as in ‘unplanned good’. Not saying anything cute and planned, just words off my head as I zone back in on the great I am. If you know who and what you are, what a wonder filled thing that is. I generally do too(know who I am) but somedays its confusing. It’s more like I am who I will be, or… I am who I was. Or I am who I may be. I love the present tense underlining a person’s direct persona.

Lil tired of trying to say the perfect thing, esp if you’re hanging upside down off the roof and there’s a kid drug- medic-t. among others you love, and others you try to ignore . And if there’s pain but its sweet in an ugh way, yucky kind of way

but it’s why I’m writing again.

Kingdom of the Unshakeable